We are pleased to invite you to its gathering about displacement and its new project Searching Traces at Cezayir on December 11 at 7 pm.

The Goethe-Institut Istanbul in partnership with the InEnArt team from the association diyalog, the Syrian Turkish Cultural initiative Hamish and the community initiative for Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Turkey, AD.DAR, is hosting a serial of educational events for displaced people in Istanbul under the title Searching Traces which will take place between December 15th and 20th.

... a critical examination of urban transformation in Istanbul and Berlin

We are pleased to introduce you our new multimedia project and the StreetWalking App dedicated to urbanization and city planing in Istanbul and Berlin. The InEnArt team are developing this video project and its App at the moment. The final launch will be this fall.


On August 20 InEnArt team and the Istanbul based association diyalog organized the 3rd gathering of international artists in residency programs in Istanbul at the art space Schneidertempel under the topic Displacement.

Displacement refers to a theoretical concept by the Belgium curator Jan Hoet, who died this spring in Ghent at the age of 77. Jan Hoet saw the essential task of contemporary art to provide real subjective experiences in order to counter a reality, that is increasingly slipping into a virtual realm and a global disorder.

The artist in residence Maja Weyerman introduced her work refering to moments of migration and minorities and the InEnArt team gave an introduction to different aspects of their research fields regarding displacement with work examples by the artists David Hammons, Vera Frenkel and Khaled Jarrar.


On the occasion of the 13th Istanbul Biennial and following the protests in Turkey diyalog presents within InEnArt as a thematic independent project Urban Voices


Within the online platform InEnArt diyalog was organizing the first ever three sided football match

The online version of Sea Elephant Travel Agency


Cultural dialogue between Turkey and the European countries

KulturKontakt Austria is looking for data from Turkish cultural institutions which cooperate with associations, organizations, foundations, institutional projects, institutes, unions, institutions and art-universities in the South Eastern European (SOE) and EU countries.
They invite institutions from Turkey to join the database.

Please visit the website and register your institution for free under the point 'Your Voice' - 'Your Details'. This possibility will bring you added web presence.